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THQ Ultimate Fighting Championship 3

THQ's UFC 3 Undisputed is the third installment of their best selling game and the brief was to expose the deep strategy the real fighters employ in each match. The UFC League promotes their sport as the next NFL and a key to this will be to uncover the almost...Read More >


After over 20 years with their previous agency, McIlhenny Co. decided to move agencies in order to relaunch the brand and showcase their new product innovation. Helming the lead for both the winning pitch and ongoing creative, I thought, what better way to launch...Read More >


Back in what I call the Jurassic Period of the Internet (circa 1994), I founded a company called Kioken to create truly inspired digital experiences for brands wanting to venture into the new frontier. Kioken went on to win every major industry award for digital...Read More >

Cisco The Realm/Comic Creator

Cisco's acquisition of internet security company Ironport created an industry leading set of security offerings for enterprise and small business owners. The Self Defending Network needed an idea that would spark the imaginations of their potential...Read More >

The call came to reinvent in this new age of video driven data and all that Cisco's Human Network stands for. As in any engagement of this scale there was a wide spectrum of solutions that were created, from simplified mobile experiences...Read More >

Cisco Together Launch

Together We Are the Human Network continued the brand equity Cisco has built with the Human Network with an emphasis on video, and how video is changing the way we live our lives. Armed with a never before licensed John Lennon song, 6 countries...Read More >

FJ Cruiser

The FJ is a landmark specialty vehicle for Toyota that has incredible heritage from the Land Cruiser J40 Series that launched in 1960. A rebirth of the lineage was necessary and the new FJ Cruiser brought with it not only the nomenclature, but also the...Read More >

New York Times - Video Mode

As part of Cisco's Together launch, the NY Times Video takeover was essential as the buzz leading online display arm to spearhead the digital campaign. If our task is to visualize the innovative use of video, then what better way to show it than to...Read More >

Participant Media, the creator of films such as Inconvenient Truth, Syriana, and Waiting for Superman, was ready to fully realize the power of their media reach with a new business venture named It's purpose is to be the beginning and end point of...Read More >


As a much sexier gateway drug into the Toyota family than the Corolla, the Yaris identified with deep divers of entertainment and social content. I wanted to really immerse the launch in the things the target would love, so we showed up at SXSW...Read More >


Toyota's Tundra is the first true large full sized truck to compete with the Ford F150 and put up a winning fight. Crafted over decades, this most important vehicle signaled the future for Toyota in a segment they have never won in before. The Tundra is real, badass...Read More >


AMPM is the adult candystore and in this rigorous environment of recessions and cut backs it represents a place to be a (naughty) kid again. Indulgence and excess were celebrated with the launch of the Secret Menu. Made famous at the time by Paula Dean's donut...Read More >

My incredibly fulfilling time on Toyota was capped with a huge redesign of that was intended to break every rule and lead the industry on usability, effectiveness, and the ability to morph into the many faces of the Toyota brand. Together with the amazing...Read More >

Epic Mickey

Invited to pitch for the launch work for Warren Spector's highly anticipated game Epic Mickey, we jumped on the chance to flex some creative chops and have an amazingly fun time in Disney lore. Oswald is actually the first character before...Read More >

UMI Ellen Page

Cisco and Ellen Page have had a great relationship and to launch the (now defunct) UMI platform, we enlisted Ellen Page to simply virtually hang with her friends and document the process. UMI was the consumer version of the Star Trek-like Cisco Telepresence, utilizing...Read More >


For Barbie's 50th Anniversary, we decided against doing something rendered in 3d. Instead we created a non-virtual diorama fest flying across American history through the eyes of Barbie and her designs through the past 5 decades...Read More >


"Kang has more than 17 years of integrated marketing, content, and digital development experience with clients as diverse as Cisco, Toyota, Participant Media, Cadillac (GM), SONY Entertainment, Sony Playstation, Barneys New York, Yahoo!, Universal Music Group, EMI, P. Diddy (Sean Combs), Jennifer Lopez, AFLAC, Accenture, General Mills, Kraft, and Schwab.

Fluent in both business management as well as lead creative roles, Kang began his career as the CEO/co-founder of the highly awarded interactive development firm Kioken, Inc. (NY, Dallas, London). From there Kang left digital marketing to open up film production company Jab Strong Fierce and served as Executive Producer for the cult videogame documentary Bang the Machine which premiered to awards at SXSW in 2002.

Next was his post at Publicis Arc Worldwide in New York building out their digital practice. Soon a love for cars and racing brought him out to California in a transfer to Saatchi & Saatchi as Creative Director, Interactive and Emerging Technology, again to create and build up a world class digital and integrated offering.

Peter most recently was Executive Creative Director for Ogilvy West leading overall creative, digital innovation, social and 360 integration. He also serves as adjunct faculty for Art Center in Pasadena where he teaches the graduate advertising program, and has worked directly with Toyota and Art Center this year to run a program with students to launch their upcoming youth oriented sports car, the Scion FT-86. Kang is awarded multiple times across many industry awards from the Webbies, Effies, Communication Arts, One Show, and the London International Awards. He received MediaPost's Online All Star Award for Creative in 2006. "

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Street Fighter/Bang the Machine

I met my business partner at Kioken at the arcade playing Street Fighter. The company we formed was named after the fireball Chun Li throws in the game, and we subsequently created a documentary on the international tournament scene...Read More >

Lotus Cup USA

My move to the west coast was primarily due to a fanaticism and passion for motorsport racing. I am driver no.210 in the Lotus Cup USA race series, and although advertising has kept me away for two seasons I am returning to the circuits this fall...Read More >


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